Cooked Shrimp, Easy Peel, Headless Shell-on

Cooked shell-on is simply a headless shell-on shrimp that has been cooked. It can be presented in either a HLSO or easy peel form. Often referred to as ‘peel and eat’, the acronyms are ‘Ck HLSO’ or ‘Ck EZP'.

As most consumers prefer to eat their shrimp without the shell, a cooked easy peel is more common than a simple cooked HLSO. One advantage of using the Ck EZP form is that the process of creating an easy peel also removes the large intestine.

The majority of Ck EZP or Ck HLSO comes from the following countries:

Cooked Easy Peel / HLSO comes in the following sizes:
13-15 pcs per lb
16-20 “
21-25 “
26-30 “
31-40 “
41-50 “
51-60 “
61-70 “
71-90 “

Available package forms and carton configurations are as follows:
5 x 2 lb
10 x 1 lb
12 x 12 oz
4 x 5 lb

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