Cooked Shrimp, Shrimp Ring
Shrimp rings are made with Cooked tail-on shrimp. After the shrimp is processed into a cooked tail-on form. The shrimp is placed into plastic trays that create a circular shape. A plastic skin is then placed over the shrimp and is sealed close. The next step is to have a cup of cocktail sauce placed in the center of the ring and then a plastic dome is placed over the whole ring. The ring is then completed with a paper or plastic band that holds it all together.

Shrimp rings come in many forms, in addition to the standard ring, there are wedges, trays and in some instances, custom designed trays such as a football have been used.

The majority of Cooked tail-on shrimp comes from the following countries:

Due to the shape of the plastic tray and in an effort to get proper spacing, some sizes shrimp are not used for rings. The most common sizes uses are as follows:

The most common available package forms are as follows:
16 x 10 oz ( 6 oz shrimp + 4 oz sauce )
8 x 20 oz ( 13 oz shrimp + 7 oz sauce )
4 x 32 oz ( 24 oz shrimp + 8 oz sauce )
4 x 40 oz ( 32 oz shrimp + 8 oz sauce )

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